Dreamscapes and Visions

June 4-27 2020

Images from likeminded visionaries around the world, selected by award winning fine art and commercial photographer Susan Burnstine.

“Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then open your eyes and leap into this collection of personal dreamscapes and visions distinct to each creator’s inner worlds”. The Vermont exhibition includes the work Sleepwalking in Venice (2020), where the deep darkness of water and sky frame an image that seems to emerge and float in a dreamer’s mind, lost in Venetians canals.

Sleepwalking in Venice

Global Print Making Exhibition

August 1 - September 30 2019

One region, two international events. The Global Print and the Biennial of Douro are both based on the oldest demarcated wine region in the world – the Douro and winner of two heritages of humanity granted by UNESCO is world renowned both for its vineyard landscape and for the archaeological heritage of the Côa Valley. Here is the largest sanctuary of Paleolithic engraving of the world, but the Douro is also in the contemporary scene of the biggest events of graphic art in the world, creating a strength and dimension that goes beyond the borders of the country and is projected for infinite horizons.

Here, we have the chance to exhibit  an exclusive and experimental piece combining photography and painting, in cooperation with painter Elena Greggio.

Alchemy of Art - Metamorphosis of Thought

June 13 - July 31 2019

At the exhibition space the ex Macello Cathedral of Padua, the collective of the Artemisia Cultural Association will be inaugurated with a critical introduction by the historian and art critic Massimiliano Sabbion.

The initiative is curated by the Artemisia Cultural Association which celebrates its ten years of activity in this context.

The Association bridges different thoughts and possibilities, promotes a world in which the human spirit emancipates itself, through art, from the difficulties of contingency, transforming them into beauty.

The artists Bianca Beghin, Luisa Bertocco, Sandra Bertocco, Elena Candeo, Enrico Cecotto, Chiara Coltro, Andrea Coppadoro, Nicoletta Furlan, Luciano Gasparin, Elena Greggio, Matteo Guarnieri, Andreas Kramer, Walter Marin, Paolo Pompei, Vanilla Ragana, Alessandro Rinaldi, Laura Spedicato, Paola Zago, will present themselves with different techniques and interpretations, and will exhibit their research path, their way of investigating through the work, the mystery in the Alchemy of Art.

Solo Exhibition:
Paesaggi Scoperti

within art expo
"Autori in transito"
Palazzo del comune di Roncade Treviso

Vernissage: Monday June 5th 2017

5:30pm June 27th – July 1th 2017

Shadows can add a lot to a photograph. They can emphasize emotions, create surreal images, and be used in a variety of ways. While strong use of shadows in color photographs tends to be mostly used in silhouettes, it can also appear in a variety of other forms in color photos as well.

The “Authors in Transit” exhibition offers, on the third date, the photo exhibition of Marco Turetta. Turetta was part of the cultural group Mignon and has, to his credit, numerous personal and collective exhibitions, in Italy and abroad.

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