The name “Marghera”, a borough of Venice, comes from the fact that the area where the present city was built was once a marine swamp. In the Venetian language, in fact, “Mar gh’ era” means “There was the sea”. By the start of the 20th century, it was obvious that Venice’s existing port was incapable of servicing large modern ships, so the Italian government decided to develop an industrial zone and state-of-the-art port at Marghera on the mainland opposite Venice.

Thus land reclamation began and polluting industries raised next door to the unique treasure-house of art and architecture.

With many of its main industries now closed (also because of environmental compatibility) today Marghera is fighting its struggle to convert to a sustainable modern industrial estate.

Yet, after the recent floodings in Venice, its name sounds more and more like an omen, as the sea menaces to reclaim the lands it was separated from.


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